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Bridgend Clinic :: The Best of Both Worlds

Consultant Details:

Dr Debbie Rees-Adams

Chartered Clinical Psychologist


Dr Debbie Rees-Adams is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who works for both the NHS (in mental health services) and on a private basis offering psychological therapy. She achieved her doctorate from the University of Wales ( Cardiff) in 2002 but has worked within the field of psychology for over fourteen years. She is registered with the British Psychological Society & the Health Professions Council.

What is psychological therapy?

Clinical Psychologists work with people with the aim of reducing psychological distress and enhancing psychological wellbeing. This is achieved through listening and talking with the person, coming to an understanding of their difficulties and aiming to bring about change in their lives. Clinical Psychologists draw upon a range of therapeutic models to help them in this task. Depending on the presenting problem, the Psychologist may set the person “homework” tasks to complete between sessions in order to speed up the process of change.

What sorts of difficulties are suitable for therapy?

Many difficulties are amenable to psychological intervention. Typical examples include; depression, stress & anxiety, post-traumatic stress, phobias, childhood abuse, voice hearing, grief and loss, life event adjustment and low self esteem.

How many sessions are needed?

This depends on the individual and their particular difficulty. Following an initial assessment appointment, a treatment plan will be discussed. The average amount of sessions is typically between 6-8. Sessions last up to a maximum of one hour.

General Enquiries:

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