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Bridgend Clinic :: The Best of Both Worlds

Our overarching objective is to provide a service that incorporates the best of private practice and NHS care delivering a quality service for patients that is second to none.

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Facilities Preparing for Your Visit Child Patients Visting a Patient


The purpose designed unit combines out-patient and in-patient facilities where the key themes are privacy and comfort.

The Clinic is located in a discrete area of the hospital with its own car park and reception facilities.

The out-patient suite incorporates five spacious, attractively furnished consulting rooms, which are available morning, afternoon and evening. Appointments can usually be arranged with a few days notice.

Preparing for Your Visit

We will send you written information specific to your operation, treatment or investigation when we confirm your admission details.

We will let you know what time to arrive and if appropriate the time you should last eat or drink prior to your operation. As a rule, you should not drink alcohol the day before your visit and, if you are a smoker, you should also cut down as much as you can, especially if you will be having a general anaesthetic.

If you get a cold, sore throat or any other illness, please tell us straight away, as your admission may need to be re-scheduled.

We ask you to bring the following items with you:
(Click here to download this list as a convenient printable checklist)


  • Your admission letter
  • If you have a health insurance policy, please bring the insurance claim form, as we can help you fill it in
  • Any current medication, in their original container
  • Any current treatment cards e.g. diabetic, steroid, warfarin
  • A dressing gown
  • A Nightdress or pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • Your usual day/night clothing
  • Any walking aid that you use, clearly labelled with your name
  • Books or magazines
  • Toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste and a hairbrush or comb
  • If you wish, you are welcome to bring a battery-operated personal stereo/CD player

Please do not bring;


  • We ask you not to bring valuables, jewellery or large amounts of money with you
  • Mobile phones - we have medical equipment on the ward that can be adversely affected by mobile and cellular phones. You will have a phone in your room and any phone calls will not be charged to you

Child Patients

If your child is coming into hospital for an operation, we will invite you to bring them for a pre-admission visit. 

You will meet some of the staff who will be looking after your child, and the visit will help them to feel more familiar with the hospital when they return for their actual admission. 

On the ward, your child will be cared for by a registered sick children's nurse or a registered nurse with a child branch certificate. You will be able to accompany your child to the operating theatre and stay with them until they are asleep. You will also be able to accompany your child back from the recovery area to the ward. 

A children's menu will be available and, if your child wants something that's not on the menu, we will try to provide this. 

We provide a range of toys and books but it's a good idea for your child to bring one or two of their own favourite toys or comfort.

Visiting a Patient

What are the visiting times? 
We welcome visitors and there are no restrictions on visiting times and appreciate that your empathy and support can play a vital role in your relative's or friend's recovery. We have flexible visiting hours so that you can drop in whenever you want, provided the care team feels your relative or friend isn't too tired or unwell. 

Sometimes patients may simply want to rest after their operation or treatment, and may ask not to receive visitors or phone calls. For this reason, it's best to phone and check with the ward before you visit. If your relative or friend isn't fit enough to receive visitors, we'll let you know. 

Should I accompany my relative or friend to hospital? 
You are welcome to accompany your relative or friend to hospital but it's best to check with your relative or friend first. Our pre-admission information will state whether they need someone to come in with them. If you're unsure, simply call the hospital and ask the care team for advice. 

How long will my relative or friend be in hospital? 
We'll give your relative or friend all the information they need before coming into hospital, including details of how long they'll expect to stay - so it's best to check with them to see what they've been advised. 

How do I find the hospital? 
We have all the information you need on our Location page, please click here. 

Can children visit? 
Absolutely - everyone is welcome. 

Who should I call if I have a question about my relative's or friend's treatment or care, or I need to contact someone in an emergency? 
If you have any questions or need to contact your relative or friend in an emergency, simply call the ward 01656 754325. A member of nursing staff will be happy to answer your questions - provided it doesn't breach the patient's right to confidentiality.

General Enquiries:

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